Builder Approved!

While a lot of new home construction is completed by big builders/developers within the confines of a community they own, our project does not fall into that category.  The lot that we purchased is within a development, but there is no default home builder.

That means we get to pick anyone we want… as long as they are approved by the community developer.  I will likely detail our journey of picking a builder at a later time, but suffice it to say that once we came to a decision, we really didn’t want to find out that they wouldn’t be approved.

I think the approval process was mostly a formality for the caliber of builders we considered–all of whom build multiple custom homes every year.  The developer just needs to make sure that we aren’t asking a complete rookie to complete this big project.

Nonetheless, it was a very nice relief to get notice today that our builder has been approved!  Now we can send in a deposit to secure a spot in their schedule for next year!

And, yes, we will certainly be sharing who we picked in the near future.

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