Well, this should have been the first post on this site, but I hadn’t gotten around to finishing it before we received builder approval and, in the spirit of this being a diary, I thought that post should be published in real time as it happened.  I hope to provide mostly real time progress reports, but so much has happened over the past handful of years to get us to where we are right now that I will definitely be recounting some of that journey as well.

So, let’s take some steps back to quickly bring you up to speed.

As of the writing of this post, we are (hopefully) about 7 months away from breaking ground on our dream home.  We will be building a custom home in Southeast Michigan, not far from Ann Arbor.

Just about a year ago, we purchased our lot in a developed community.  I plan to recount the stressful process of picking the right location in a separate post, but suffice it to say that I had quite a number of days that I laid awake in bed trying to figure out the right decision.  I really think we ended up making the right decision, but it did require some compromise (I foresee much more of that in our future!)

That was actually a very big step for us, though, as we had previously been planning to knock down the house we had been living in and build on that lot.  Making the decision to leave the lake we had been living on– yeah, I know, how could we leave the lake?– was a huge surprise to everyone, including ourselves.  That decision deserves its own post for sure.

Anyway, thanks for joining us to follow this process.

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