It’s Closing Time…

Alright, cue the Semisonic anthem because we close today on our construction loan!

After providing some last minute documentation to the bank at the beginning of last week, we got the news that everything was approved to move forward mid week, but because of the need for time to prepare all the documents as well as federal regulations requiring that we acknowledge the final paperwork 3 business days before the actual closing, we couldn’t close until this week.

Of course, most of the time a real estate closing happens and then the new owners get the keys and take possession of the property.  In this case, we are basically just getting possession of a line of credit.  No keys for us yet.

So, today will actually be a bit anticlimactic but it’s one of the last hurdles before we can finally see something happen on our lot other than weeds growing.  We are expecting groundbreaking to occur in the next 2 weeks and then I’ll try to share frequent pictures.

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